Thanksgiving, Apocalyptic

Turkey on Cutting Board
Turkey on Cutting Board

So this will be our second Thanksgiving on this blog, and we’re really happy that you’re all here and reading our recipes and thoughts — we got online to share, and we’re thankful that some of you find it worthwhile to come read.

While this is pretty last minute, we thought we’d post what we’re planning for Thanksgiving — Denise and are are cooking together, for a full safe for both of us holiday of food. Some of the recipes are on the blog, some aren’t, and it’s likely things will change the day of. But maybe this will be of some interest to anyone who is still thinking about what to make or what to bring or eat.

Denise is making:

Mary Kate is making:

  • Oven latkes (recipe forthcoming if I can figure out how to get it right every time)
  • Mushroom-chestnut dressing (a variation on the dressing in this recipe, with the mushrooms in the dressing)
  • Maple dill carrots (replacing the Earth Balance with olive oil to be corn-free)
  • Brussels sprouts with walnuts and pomegranate seeds
  • Gravy, recipe TBD

To all of our readers, Merry Thanksgiving, Joyous Hanukkah, and eat safe.



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