2013-11-29 Fabulous Friday

Kiwi hosts Friday's Thanksgiving Roundup
Kiwi hosts Friday’s Thanksgiving Roundup

So we did Thanksgiving, and we had too much food and too much turkey coma to be organized about finding you all good stuff. You might be in a food coma too, so we decided to share pics of our Denise and Mary Kate’s Allergy Free Thanksgiving Extravaganza. Between the two of our allergies, we had twelve dishes free of dairy, eggs, wheat/gluten, hazelnuts, coconut, soy, obvious corn, shellfish, almonds, peanuts, chicken, flax, sunflower, pineapple and bananas.

We posted our menu this past Wednesday, so go check it out here.

Here’s our photos that turned out, the rest were awful, but we were hungry, so this is what you get.


Here’s the discussion question for the week. Mary Kate and I have a fundamental semantic disagreement as to what the bread-y side dish is properly called, dressing or stuffing, and does it depend on whether it has been actually stuffed in the bird or cooked separately?


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