Quick-ish Beef Pho

So one of my pet peeves about the corn thing is no more going out for Vietnamese food, which is

French Onion Soup

I first learned to make this soup from a 1970s slow-cooker cookbook, in my first year of graduate school when

Butternut Squash Soup

If I’m completely honest, I have some mixed feelings about butternut squash. In some preparations, its earthy and fruity and

Simple Jambalaya Stew

Are you sick of turkey, maybe not ready for chicken, but it’s cold outside? Maybe something completely different is in

Best Potato Soup

This soup is very much for the potato people, my people. If you merely “like” potatoes, you will probably like

Creamy Broccoli Soup

I love soup season. Not only is soup just really good food, but a pot of soup makes 4-12 servings,

End-of-Summer Garbanzo Chili

Yes, I know, it’s about a week late for the end of summer, but then, the zucchini is still around,

Come Home to Chicken Stew

Who likes coming home to dinner already made?  ME!  But hey, I’m single and I work full-time.  Wait.  I have