Quick-ish Marinara Sauce

One of the things I really miss is a great meatball sub with gobs of cheese.  Since I’m allergic to

Pasta e Fagioli

Growing up, we didn’t eat a lot of pasta. Every few months, there was spaghetti and meatballs, but mostly, we

Brown Rice “Couscous” Veggie Bowl

Generally those of us with multiple food allergies can rely on very little in the way of packaged or convenience

Pan-fried Haddock

My apologies in advance to those of you with fish and shellfish allergies, but I’m from Maine originally, and I

Taco Beef for Tacos, Salads, and Nachos

So I was going totally nutty because I’ve not been eating much except rice, salad, steamed or roasted vegetables and

Red Lentil Dal Burger

I LOVE dal.  It’s almost a perfect food — cheap, easy to make, adaptable, tasty…  But it can be difficult,

Hot Italian Sausage Burgers with Peppers and Onions

As we’ve previously discussed, since it’s summer, we need things to grill outside, which means burgers.  I made this burger

Tandoori Chicken Burgers

Hey, it’s our second burger post!  I really hope you’re finding some options or getting some ideas about what to