Quick-ish Beef Pho

So one of my pet peeves about the corn thing is no more going out for Vietnamese food, which is

Be My Vegan Valentine Dinner

So Denise posted a Meat-Eater’s Menu for Romance last week. But we know that not all of our readers are

Boneless Rib Eye Roast & Sides – the Meat-eater’s special Valentine’s Day Dinner

So, here’s the thing, I pretty much can’t go out to dinner anymore with the whole corn thing. Makes it

Vegan Black Bean Pumpkin Taco Salad

During the holidays, I fully explored that cookie obsession that was in evidence in all of our Friday posts. Overall?

Spicy Green Pork Amazing (a.k.a. Pork Chile Verde) and a bonus recipe!

So, here’s the thing.  Most of you will be able to make this recipe without making the bonus recipe for

Spicy Red Wine Cranberry Crusted Pork Loin

So, if you’ve got leftover cranberries in the freezer from Turkey Day, this is a great way to use them

Squash and Sprout Rice Platter

I started working on this particular dish about a year ago when I discovered this branch of Brussels sprouts at

Meatball Sub Meatballs

As I stated a week ago in my Quick-ish Marinara Sauce post, I really miss meatball subs. Although I don’t