2016-08-05 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Sailboat, Portsmouth, NH
Sailboat, Portsmouth, NH

Happy August, everyone. Is it hot where you are? We had a few really nice days here, but then it got hot again.

How does Watermelon Lemonade sound to cool down? I’m not generally a big fan of watermelon, but a few weeks ago, we were in NY where hot is even hotter because the air doesn’t move. We stopped for drinks, and the watermelon cooler just called to me — it was just watermelon and lemonade. And it was amazing. Maybe watermelon is a perfect summer thing because of its rehydrating properties? I have no clue.

This is one of the few recipes I’ve made lately — mini corndogs, perfect if you don’t feel like trying to make full corndogs, which seem complicated and messy and way hotter. These are gluten-free, and you can read the comments to see how I took the egg out.

I (Denise) got an Instant Pot during Amazon Prime Day, so of course I’ve been looking for recipes. Apparently I can make yogurt with it. I found a vegan yogurt culture that uses rice maltodextrin instead of corn that I’d be willing to trial.  I also found a blog post on making non-dairy yogurt with the Instant Pot.  She uses soy, but I’d try it with homemade cashew or rice milk.  I’m not allergic to soy, but I Just don’t like it in anything other than edamame or tofu.  

If you’ve got allergy friendly Instant Pot recipes, let me know, I’m interested. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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