Apple Cake, Vegan and Gluten-Free

You guys are noticing a trend, right? It’s apparently a bumper crop year for apples. When I was trying to figure

Curried Apple Bisque

As some of you know, I bought a house in January with a lot of fruit trees. So now I

Vegan, soy-free Strawberry Ice Cream (using aquafaba)

Okay, full disclosure: This isn’t really ice cream. There’s no cream. There’s no eggs. That’s what makes it vegan. And

Strawberry Mojito Fruit Leather (non-alcoholic!)

I have a dehydrator! One of Denise’s friends is clearing things out, I guess, and when she asked if I

Summer Mango Salsa

Apparently it’s mango season. In browsing the grocery store flyers looking for inspiration, I noticed that two of our three

2015-04-24 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

On Fabulous Food Allergy Fridays, we share the best things we’ve found this week — this week? Bean juice, fruit, and more.

Blueberry Syrup and Bonus

So recently I’ve become concerned that I may be reacting to maple syrup. It stands to reason that with the number

Watermelon White Wine Sorbet or Ice Pops

  Sorbet is one of the things I miss terribly because almost all of the commercial versions have corn in