WW: Living with Food Allergies – Getting Sick while Getting Well

One of the surprising things about having food allergies is the fear of getting sick and whether the process of

WW: Living with Food Allergies — Diagnosis

How were your food allergies diagnosed? Denise and I have both posted our diagnosis stories in our blog bios. The

WW: Living with Food Allergies — Identity

“You are what you eat.” Right. So what are you when you can’t eat half the foods that you used

WW: Living with Food Allergies — Socializing

We’ve touched on this topic in a peripheral way in our posts on Relationships and Food Free Entertainment, but we

WW: Living with Food Allergies — Food-free Entertainment

More Life With Food Allergies! You’ve been holding your breath in anticipation, haven’t you? This week, we’re planning to discuss

WW: Living With Food Allergies – Relationships

Welcome back to our Whatever Wednesday: Living with Food Allergies series. I bet you thought we forgot about it, but

Whatever Wednesday: Food Allergies – Time, time, time, see what’s become of me

I could do a food allergy parody of Simon & Garfunkel’s Hazy Shade of Winter or Pink Floyd’s Time, but

Whatever Wednesday: Food, Allergies, and Knowledge, a series of thoughts

This is part one of a series I’ve been discussing with Denise talking about some of the many things we’ve