Lime Lollipops

This recipe is part of my campaign to get some candy back in my life, although in all likelihood, at

Quick Chocolate Bites

So the holiday season has brought with it the groaning tables of baked goods and candies, both homemade and not,

Fruit-Flavored Gummy Candy

So, before the whole corn and coconut thing, I was an aficionado of fruit flavored pure sugar candy. If it

Killer Chocolate Fudge-y Brownies

So Mary Kate put up a recipe for brownies a bit ago, but it had almond flour, coconut flour and

Cashew-Chocolate Pudding Popsicles

When we were trying to think up something festive for this holiday week, we considered that ice cream seemed the

Margarita Tropical Fruit Salad

So, last weekend it snowed in New Hampshire, and this weekend it’s been 95°F all weekend. Hilarious. I don’t handle

Post 100: The Magic of the Chocolate Chip.

Because it’s Earth Day, and it’s our 100th post, we thought we should make cookies.  Because cookies are round, like

Happy President’s Day, Bread and Chocolate with Cherries

And this is take two on cherries for our President’s day theme. Cherries go with chocolate. And there’s a place