French Onion Soup

I first learned to make this soup from a 1970s slow-cooker cookbook, in my first year of graduate school when

Roasted Beef Stock

Those of us with soy, wheat and dairy allergies have a tough time finding bouillon and/or stock out there that’s

Vegan Black Bean Pumpkin Taco Salad

During the holidays, I fully explored that cookie obsession that was in evidence in all of our Friday posts. Overall?

Whatever Wednesday: The Citrus is IN.

THE CITRUS IS IN! I assume, given that I’m in New England, that if the citrus is here, the citrus

Spicy Green Pork Amazing (a.k.a. Pork Chile Verde) and a bonus recipe!

So, here’s the thing.  Most of you will be able to make this recipe without making the bonus recipe for

Whatever Wednesday: Apocalyptic Blogging Resolutions for 2014

For this brand-new year of 2014, we, your food allergies bloggers have decided to resolve the following: To finally review