Meatballs and Squash

Meatballs with Mushrooms, Onions and Spaghetti Squash

I’m not sure if you’re ready for hot food, but I really am. In order to get ready for work

Seneca Lake, NY

2016-08-19 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

I have somehow been traveling way more than normal this summer, and eating out is HARD.  I use the Find

From left to right: Greek Seasoning, Prime Rib Seasoning & Italian Seasoning

Another DIY Spice Blend Round Up – Greek Seasoning, Prime Rib Seasoning, and Italian Seasoning

Well, I’m a bit overwhelmed with other projects in real life right now and the recipe I wanted to make

Denise's first cucumber in a drought year

2016-08-12 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

It’s hot in New Hampshire, and we need rain.  There are various devices in development to detect allergens in food.

Cold Roasted Vegetable Sauce, over quinoa pasta, with broccoli and a bit of mushroom

Cold Roasted Vegetable Sauce

It has been hot this summer. Hotter than normal, longer than normal, and I am frankly rather sick of hearing

Sailboat, Portsmouth, NH

2016-08-05 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Happy August, everyone. Is it hot where you are? We had a few really nice days here, but then it

Chocolate Mini Bundt Cake with Chocolate Cinnamon Frosting

Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes with Chocolate Cinnamon Frosting

Making a chocolate cake without wheat, eggs, dairy, and a safe solid fat when you can’t have coconut, palm, or

Salvia in Denise's flower garden

2016-07-29 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Well, it’s not food or food allergies, but we like science, so go check out this science inspired jewelry. I’d

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