Whatever Wednesday: The Citrus is IN.

Whatever Wednesday: The citrus is in. Go eat it all.


I assume, given that I’m in New England, that if the citrus is here, the citrus is everywhere (at least in the USA). I’m also assuming that there is some left. My fridge looks like I bought it all. In the photo, blood oranges, cara cara oranges, Meyer lemons, and some limes. I’m not sure what the limes are for, honestly, given that I bought the lemons. But limes were on the shopping list, so I bought them, too. This is a great time to make some fruit-flavored gummy candy.

So far, I’ve baked fish with a cara cara orange (not highly recommended) and baked some shrimp with Meyer lemon (really good). I’ve had a lot of lemon water, and made a strawberry and blood orange smoothie for magical amounts of vitamin C. Blood oranges really are amazing, and I can highly recommend them as both seasonal and gorgeous to eat. Oh, and they’re pretty allergen-free.

Strawberry and blood orange smoothie
Strawberry and blood orange smoothie

(Yes, that’s a Grumpy Bear glass. It suited the mood of the day — until I was done with the smoothie.)

What do you do with citrus?

    1. I add lemon and lime to soups and stir-fries, but otherwise I primarily eat citrus plain as a snack. Boring but good! Love your Grumpy Bear glass.

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