Whatever Wednesday: Farmer’s Almanac Cough Syrup

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So my mother discovered the Farmer’s Almanac a few years ago (or possibly re-discovered, I’ve never asked — I just assumed that city kids didn’t read the Farmer’s Almanac), and this year has a page-a-day calendar version.  Despite living many states away from my mother, I always know what page-a-day she has because she mails me the ones she thinks I’ll find interesting.  So I thought I’d share this one with you all, even though it won’t work for Denise (I am somewhat sure that flax seed allergies aren’t incredibly common, but if you have one, don’t make this).

To treat a nagging cough:

  • Boil 3T whole flax seed in 1 pint water
  • Strain
  • Stir in 3T sugar [I’d use honey]
  • Add juice of two lemons
  • Cool the mixture
  • Sip as needed

This sounds to me as though it would work well.

My own make at home cough syrup is a little different.  A lot of the time, I just swig a spoonful of honey.  If I’m feeling fancy or have a real cough, I will dissolve a few tablespoons of honey in a bit of boiling water, add a half shot of whiskey or brandy and a spare pinch of cayenne.  There are no real measurements, as I’ve never made this while not sick.  This works pretty well for me.

Here’s hoping you don’t need either recipe, but if you do, they’re here for you.

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