Lazy Summer Classic Smoothies: Creamsicle

Dreamy Smoothie Goodness
Dreamy Smoothie Goodness

It’s summer. It’s too hot to cook, but you need a mid-afternoon snack to get you through until dinner. Or it’s breakfast time but it’s 90 degrees in your apartment and food seems, well, heavy. There is a super simple solution to this cooking dilemma: Smoothies, people, smoothies.

I go through smoothie phases. I make them for a while, then get stuck in a rut, and then rediscover them. I’m personally a fan of really simple smoothies that rely primarily on actual fruit, maybe with some yogurt or milk (non-dairy, of course), and generally as few ingredients as possible. I’ve done the green smoothie thing occasionally, and I’ve followed recipes and master recipes. Mostly, though, it’s a way to dump all the stuff in the fridge into a simple healthy creation that just requires a blender.

With this ridiculously simple recipe, a little prep work will give you a snack that taste like the ice cream truck of your childhood just stopped by.

The MANY ingredients
The MANY ingredients

Creamsicle Smoothie

PREPARE AHEAD: Freeze some of your favorite vanilla non-dairy milk* in ice cube trays.**

*Note 1: You can use any non-dairy milk. You can probably even use cow’s milk, but frankly, then, go buy yourself a creamsicle! I have used almond milk, primarily, in the vanilla, unsweetened variety. I am sure soy or rice will work, too. This recipe can be nut-free and soy-free, if you want.

**Note 2: Measure your ice cube trays. I freeze a lot of ingredients in ice cube trays for ease of use later — tiny amounts of leftover broth or stock, sometimes herbs or pastes, fresh lemon or lime juice. All of my ice cube trays hold approximately 1 Tablespoon of liquid. It’s good to measure yours so that you know for the future recipes you’ll make with those ingredients.

In a blender, combine:

4 Tablespoons (4 cubes) of frozen vanilla almond or other non-dairy milk

1 1/4 cup of orange juice


Yes, seriously, that’s it. It’s really that easy and that good.

Lazy Creamsicle Smoothie
Lazy Creamsicle Smoothie


    1. I used to drink orange juice with whipped cream to get that flavor combo. The trick was to drink it so fast it hadn’t curdled before you got to it, or you’d regret it…

        1. Awesome with the potential for gross…
          I bought a copy of the fall to show my mom and we got an hour in and it skips and freezes massively. AGH.

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