June Break Alert

Lupins grown from seed in Denise's side garden
Lupins grown from seed in Denise’s side garden

Because Denise is busy planting the back 40 and dealing with some minor but annoying medical stuff, we’ve decided to take the month of June off.

We may do some tinkering around here in the meantime, so don’t be surprised if you check in and things change a bit. But please meet us back here on Monday, July 3rd, for a new recipe and we’ll be back to working on providing you with our links from poking around the internet for Fabulous Food Allergy Fridays on July 7th. In fact, sign up for emails and we’ll deliver our new posts directly to your inbox!

In the meantime, maybe browse the archives, and use our 2013-05-24 Fabulous Friday Finds – BBQ Recipe Roundup Edition to enjoy yourselves over the next few weeks!

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