2015-10-9 Fabulous Friday Finds


Anyone who knows me (Mary Kate) in real life will know that this is a rare photo — I’m not really a morning person. But like many people, I tried to take some photos of the eclipse a few weeks ago. My camera is not ideal for this, and I gave up. But it was still out in the morning, and this was the sunrise. Kind of cool, right?

Okay, back to food. Would you eat extinct squash? This was grown from seeds that were approximately 800 years old. I wonder if the flower seeds I got about 4 years ago are still good?

And to continue with the apple theme (I think there are still apples on Denise’s trees [Nope, but there are still at least a bushel and maybe two in my house -D), how about roasted apple risotto? Sounds like a good breakfast to me.

I found a recipe for Spicy Roasted Cauliflower Stir-fry. I’d have to make a few adjustments (sesame is a problem for me), and if you have a soy allergy, you’d want to use Mary Kate’s Soy-Free, gluten-free “Tamari Sauce” but it sounds pretty good. 

In science news, there’s new research showing that gut bacteria may be crucial to asthma prevention in children and that early exposure may be needed. 

Hope you have a great week everyone!



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