2014-01-31 Fabulous Friday Finds

Ice Dragon, Portsmouth, 2009
Ice Dragon, Portsmouth, 2009

I hear there’s some sporting event this weekend. I don’t really do sports, but if you do, or just like hanging out with people who do, spabettie has a roundup of game day-worthy appetizers. Vegan and gluten-free! (Vaguely, but not really, related, my only piece of sports trivia knowledge is apparently a pop culture moment as well — the Chicago Bears won the Superbowl in January 1986, but they also danced.)

And if you have a safe-for-you cheese substitute (or cheese, if dairy’s not your issue), maybe some gluten-free spinach tortillas could make that into quesadillas?

I’ve been playing with citrus this week due to the generosity of a friend. Although I didn’t have any Meyer lemons, I think with the profusion of citrus available, either Mary Kate or myself needs to try this Meyer Lemon Caramel recipe if we can work out a sub for the butter.  

Also, I may need to make this Vanilla Chai Pear Butter, which just sounds luscious. You can water bath can it, or just make it and store it in the fridge. No specialized knowledge needed. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

    1. Lemon caramel, eh? Interesting. Wonder if I can find meyer lemons here. Bought a bergamot recently because why not, and now I don’t know what to do with it. I gather it’s sort of the opposite of a meyer lemon (extra sour).

      1. They are in season, but I have no idea how much citrus Europe might have. Worth looking into, right?

        Also, bergamot is on my list. But I’ve been told they aren’t edible and are mostly grown for their oils. No idea what you do with one, but you should definitely send me a picture.

        1. It looks like a slightly neon lemon. I’ll take a picture at some point. And…we got hells of citrus just growing on the sides of the street, I just don’t know about the citrus I want… will have to look into it

    2. Coconut oil makes a fine sub for butter in caramel recipes–I’ve haven’t made this particular one with it, but many others. If you make it, let me know! And thanks for the link!

      1. Sorry! Just did a little more reading and noticed that coconut oil is only a workable solution for one of you. Now you have me on a mission!

        1. Hi Janet! Thanks for the recipe 🙂 Between the corn, coconut and flax thing, I don’t have a safe margarine, butter or shortening I can use at this point. I’m beginning to experiment with lard (had to make my own because they put citric acid in the commercial product) and beef tallow, but I haven’t really tried them yet in anything. When I manage to fit the time in, I’ll let you know how it works out!

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