2015-04-17 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Denise's killer new sink - the large pot is a 20 quart stock pot!!
Denise’s killer new sink – the large pot is a 20 quart stock pot!!

I (Mary Kate) will be learning this technique for cooking potatoes, Himalayan style. I’m always looking for new potato recipes.

Here’s my food reading for the weekend, and I’m betting Denise might join in, too: a 15-part blog series on the history of CONDIMENTS. Who doesn’t love condiments? In case you’d rather make a spring-friendly condiment, try gremolata. It’s good on everything.

For those of you with corn allergies, the Corn Allergy Girl has a new post up on Corn Free Canning. I’m still doing okay with the Ball Lids, even though they have corn in them, but I’m forewarned in case my sensitivity increases that I’ll have to try the Tattler lids. Check it out.

Although I’d have to switch out the oil, the cornstarch, and make sure I used safe-for-me soy sauce, I’m pretty sure I could make this recipe for Mongolian Beef work. I’m betting I could use tapioca starch and it’d do the same thing. It looks yummy!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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