2018-01-26 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

View of Seattle skyline looking south towards the Space Needle on a hazy morning
New view

So I (MaryKate) spaced on last Friday’s post, completely. We finally gone done moving last week, and I was just tired. Oops. So here’s a shot of our new view. Does that make up for it a bit?

Because I can now find most of my kitchen things and ingredients, I’m back to wanting to make interesting foods. I am hoping this Morroccan chicken might help me get my spices sorted out while making dinner, and this Ginger Miso dressing might be a good way to use some of the chickpea miso I found in the fridge when we moved (it’s maybe a month old, but I’d forgotten about it).

For those of you with an egg allergy who can still eat some processed food, Perdue Foods LLC, is recalling approximately 530 pounds of chicken products due to misbranding and undeclared allergens. The product contains eggs, a known allergen which is not declared on the product label.  The ready-to-cook chicken breast tenderloin fritters were inadvertently labeled with the Homestyle Chicken Tender Fritter label. The chicken breast tenderloin fritters contain egg whites and the Homestyle Chicken Tender Fritters do not.

I found a Swedish Potato Sausage recipe that I think MaryKate should fiddle with. It’s a lot of sausage so I’d cut the quantities back and I’d use fresh potatoes instead of canned, but it may have possibilities for those with potato obsession. 

What are you making this weekend?

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