2017-12-08 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

More dragons at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston
More dragons at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston

This week, I (Denise) found more science news on the effect that the microbiome may have on asthma, allergies and food allergies

So a while back I had a dry bean incident. I came across a killer deal for black beans, navy beans, garbanzo beans, and split green peas and ordered 20 pounds of each. (Yes, I know.) I’ve blown through the dry black beans, meaning that I’ve either used them up or canned them so they are ready for quick use, so all the dry ones are gone. I’ve also used up a fair amount of the navy beans, as I use them to can baked beans and Italian white bean soup, and I also can them up to be available for quick use. Ditto with the garbanzo beans. The only one that I’m not seeming to use at the same rate is the split green peas. So I went looking for split green pea recipes. This split green pea falafel recipe  looks promising especially since I can cook the peas much quicker in my Instant Pot.  This Ethiopian Split Pea Stew – Kik Alicha also sounds like a good thing to try. If you have ideas for using up split peas, let me know.

I’ve been very focused on work night meals, lately, and re-discovered one of my favorites from last winter. Denise made this deconstructed cabbage roll for me while helping me pack up to move across the country to Seattle. I think I made it every other week last winter, and I’m adding it back into the rotation now that it’s cold. I’m also adding back this super-fast, super-adjustable black bean soup. Quick, hearty, and adjustable recipes are where it’s at, people. What are your go-to staples for work nights?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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