2017-10-13 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

bridge? I don’t remember where this one is, but it was first featured here in September 2012.

The apples are still killing me (Denise) here. We’ve not yet had a hard freeze so I’m plugging away still. I found this recipe for a Fermented Apple Ginger Beer that looks promising. I just finished fermenting my cider, so I’ve got space if I want to put a bunch more apples through the extracting juicer. Someday I’ll have a real cider press. 

This year I made candy by accident by over-boiling a traditional apple jelly recipe (no pectin). It was lovely, and I canned some apple juice so I can do it again later. But if you need some safe candy for Halloween and you have a corn allergy, here’s some recipes for hard candy

There’s a new book coming out on glyphosate, and Civil Eats has an interview with author Carey Gillam. Denise and I try to be skeptical but not alarmist on the blog — we are both pro-science and generally skeptical that any corporation cares at all about our safety and well-being. To me, this seems like the line Gillam walks in this interview.

Also, need tips on staying safe at work with food allergies? This post is about being a professional with celiac, but the content and comments (yes, it’s safe to read them!) apply. Do you have any other tips?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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