2017-10-06 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

It's time for the porcupine picture again. Because.
It’s time for the porcupine picture again. Because.

New corn allergy derivatives and sweeteners to add to the list of things to avoid – Psicose, Allulose, Dolcia Prima™, AllSweet™, D-Psicose (D-allulose, D-ribo-2-hexulose, C6H12O6), as seen here. Yay. Not that I (Denise) even try to eat any processed food any more. 

In the we-already-knew-this-as-people-with-allergies department, NPR has an article that ‘Hypoallergenic’ And ‘Fragrance-Free’ Moisturizer Claims Are Often False. The article states that “[n]early half — 45 percent — of the products in the study that claimed to be “fragrance-free” actually contained some form of fragrance. And the vast majority — 83 percent — of products labeled “hypoallergenic” contained a potentially allergenic chemical. Bottom line: The vast majority of moisturizers that are best-sellers “have some form of potential skin allergen,” Xu says.”

So in the depressing news, “are oats gluten-free?” No, not unless they are CERTIFIED. If you want to know if you can tolerate oats, I suggest trying Purity Protocol oats, which control growing and processing conditions for the best possible outcome. I really like the oats I’ve gotten from GF Harvest (I have not tried their travel packages).

To end on a nicer note, if quinoa’s your thing, I love that someone’s worked out the way to puff it at home, and this kettle quinoa sounds addictive.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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