2017-1-6 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Elephant Super Car Wash sign. How to Treat Yo Car in Seattle. Because it's not snowing here.
How to Treat Yo Car in Seattle. Because it’s not snowing here.

So, it’s still cold in New Hampshire (I know, it’s January, duh.) But it’s Treat Yo Self party food month on the blog, so I’m going to extend that to my link picks this week instead of the soups and stews I keep finding. I found this interesting recipe for Sweet Potato and Spinach Pakoras with Sweet and Sour Sauce.  Might be kind of hard to make for a large party, but it might make a nice appetizer for a smallish dinner party. 

I used to get those shrimp rings at the grocery store for some parties, but many of them are treated with stuff that’s not so safe for me, and the cocktail sauce isn’t safe. I found this Shrimp Cocktail recipe to cook from raw shrimp if you can get your hands on some safe for you shrimp. Now that I have made my own safe ketchup and Worcestershire sauce, I can whip up some cocktail sauce to go with them. 

For me, part of Treat. Yo. Self. is not having to make dinner when I come home, tired. Which is why I love the crock pot. It gets weekly use here, and I think this Slow Cooker Chana Masala sounds great. How great is it to open the front door and smell dinner?

While I was Christmas shopping, I treated myself to a stop (more than once) at Seattle’s Flying Apron bakery in Fremont. This place is gluten-free, vegan, and soy-free (it is not nut-free!) and pretty amazing. I also treated myself to the Flying Apron cookbook, which I haven’t used yet — but that link will take you to a review and a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Sometimes I’m not energetic enough to bake, so I read cookbooks instead.

Have a great weekend everyone. 


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