2017-08-25 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Richmond (BC) Night Market. No, I don't know why. Because.
This is an animatronic pterodactyl at the Richmond (BC) Night Market. No, I don’t know why. Because.

My friend Ann, who is a chef, was recently trying to convince me that shallots are worth another try — I tried them once and found them fussy to chop, and I’ve never bothered again. She was over for dinner recently and made a vegetable dish with perfectly chopped shallots tossed on top as a flavorful garnish and I might be reconsidering. This recipe pairs shallots and brussels sprouts and salmon, and I think that would be amazing. The problem is that while I took a (single) knife skills class, it has nothing on years of experience as a working chef, and I’m not convinced I could easily make perfect shallots. I might try, though.

Not a recipe, but I relate to this person who wrote to Gluten Dude SO MUCH. My migraines weren’t gluten-related, but so many other things were, and while I still have no diagnosis on whether it’s celiac or NCGS, I am not yet willing to try. I still need to take the time to read all the comments.

I (Denise) saw this article on NPR about eating the ashes of burned juniper bushes for the calcium, which is a traditional Navajo thing. Since I haven’t found a safe calcium and I’m allergic to dairy, it was intriguing. Not sure where I’d get safe juniper though. 

Allergic Living has an Q & A article about the new study finding distinct immune cells in people with allergies with one of the researchers. It’s fairly fascinating stuff.  

Have a great weekend everyone!

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