2017-08-04 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Pacific Science Center, Seattle (part of the 1962 World’s Fair)

This week, I’ve been thinking about travel and food and ordering out with multiple food allergies, so I’ve been reading about chef’s cards/allergy cards and other tips and hints. I’ve been working with translators and interpreters at my new job, though, and I would want to make sure that the cards were translated accurately, which is a harder task.

As it is HOT out here on the west coast, I’ve also been looking at quick-ish recipes, and this playful chicken thighs marsala/piccata sounded interesting in part because of how the author conceptualized her flavors and how she worked around her own food sensitivities.

This week I (Denise) found this article explaining food labels. Apparently there’s no difference between stating that a food “may contain x allergen” and “processed in a facility with x allergen.” The phrases that a manufacturer uses to warn of potential cross contamination are voluntary, and there is no difference in the risk depending on the phrase used on the label. Here’s another related article, with some older data as well. 

I found this Cucumber Lime Basil Sorbet it sounds lovely. The only thing I’d have to change is to leave out the food coloring. With the heat we’ve had, I’d love something cold and different. 

Happy August, everyone. We’re back on Monday with a new fresh theme for recipes this month.

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