2017-01-20 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

A lake, west of Concord, New Hampshire, but Denise can't remember which one
A lake, west of Concord, New Hampshire, but Denise can’t remember which one

Can we distract you with food today?

Last week, we made a slow cooker pork roast and I really wanted a slaw to go with it. I cobbled something together that I liked okay, but I think this Cabbage Ginger Apple slaw was really the flavor profile I wanted (that link includes a bonus pork shoulder recipe). This slaw is cooked, while mine was raw, but I think I’d split the difference by cooking the cabbage just a little less than written here so it’s crunchier. I love the crunch.

I also read this fascinating recipe for Ethiopian-Influenced Spring Rolls, which include shrimp, berbere seasoning (hot!) and vegetables. I’d need to see the quantities (not sure how much 400 g of shrimp really is) before adjusting seasoning, as berbere is wonderfully flavored but definitely on the hot end for me, but this mashup intrigues me. Seattle has both Ethiopian and Vietnamese restaurants to check out, and so many interesting ingredients in both.

I’ve (Denise) been researching recipes for liver since I acquired a good bit of pork liver from a local source, but I’ll spare you all those recipes. Instead, here’s a recipe for Marinated Flank Steak for which I would have to make very few changes, and I could use that Worcestershire Sauce I made from scratch. Also, I’ve started poking around for recipes for cuisines I haven’t tried and found this Moroccan Potato Salad that looks lovely and fresh and would require no substitutions for me. 

Since I had a glut of tomatillos in the garden this year, this article from the Salt on NPR about them finding a 52 million year old tomatillo fossil is kind of fascinating. I’m planning on planting two different kinds this year.  

Have a great weekend everyone!

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