2017-01-13 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

My first Seattle pour-over, single origin coffee
My first Seattle pour-over, single origin coffee

One of our first weekends in Seattle, local KEXP radio was having a record day at their Seattle Center location. So we walked towards the space needle to find this crazy indie radio station, live DJs spinning on air, record vendors and enthusiasts, and coffee. It was rather extremely Seattle, and the coffee was GOOD and I loved the design of the whole set up. Look at that mug handle! The perfect tray! In honor of coffee, here our my (MaryKate’s) links:

In order to better inhabit Seattle, I bought myself a coffee grinder, a Java Presse burr grinder, which makes the perfect amount for my AeroPress coffee maker. This is not for people who need 40 oz of coffee an hour (DENISE), but it’s perfect for me. (Amazon link, no affiliation). (I’m actually looking into a 68 ounce thermos, but I’m holding strong so far -D). 

And if that’s not enough for you, use the grinds afterwards to make a face mask, a la Crunchy Betty’s Mocha-Frappuccino Face Mask. Coffee from all angles! [Also, just a note: do not use coffee grinds and olive oil as a body scrub unless you really wanted to thoroughly clean your shower that day. Ask me how I know.]

In medicine cost and insurance news, supposedly CVS is going to drop the price of the Adrenaclick generic epipen to about $109 for the double pack. The article also states that Cigna is going to drop coverage for the full priced Mylan epipen and will only cover the new generic that Mylan is bringing out. In other epinephrine news, apparently there’s a company that’s looking into administering it by a sublingual soluble film (a film that melts under your tongue). I’m not sure how I feel about that. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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