2016-12-23 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Flashback to Summer - wish my (Denise's) backyard still looked like this
Flashback to Summer – wish my (Denise’s) backyard still looked like this

New Hampshire is cold. Really freaking cold to the point that 30°F seems really balmy and warm. I hate it. But the seed catalogs have started to arrive, so I can think about spring and what crazy stuff I’m going to attempt in the garden next year.  I’m starting to think about what small fruits I’m going to add, so I’m checking out the New Hampshire Cooperative Extension’s info and found this guide. If you’re having to grow your own food because of food allergies, or just because you like to, check out the resources available in your state.

It’s also time for spice because it’s freezing. So this Spicy Ethiopian Red Lentil Stew fits the bill. I made some tomato paste this summer, so the only thing I’d have to do is use some of my safe oil, and it’s also vegan. 

I am always looking for new things to do with beans, which are cheap, healthy, and usually quite easy. This made a good, slightly involved but still do-able, weeknight dinner: black bean croquettes.

And just in case you like to go REALLY all out for the holidays — or just look at other people’s creations — this dessert charcuterie platter really is epic.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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