2016-11-18 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

My Bus Stop View -- Space Needle, with Mt Rainier to the right -- that's not just clouds!
My Bus Stop View — Space Needle, with Mt Rainier to the right — that’s not just clouds!

So back to our regularly-scheduled, food-focused Friday programming. Because that’s why you come here, right?

First up, my friend Corinne wanted to try my Cider Pot Roast recipe with non-alcoholic cider — and (SPOILER ALERT!), it was good!

In the interests of the upcoming holidays, I may want to try this chocolate cranberry smoothie. There was a candy store in Grand Forks, ND, that sold chocolate-covered cranberries, and I really liked them. But this is all based on frozen bananas, and while I keep meaning to challenge them just because it would make life easier sometimes, I never seem to get around it (bananas popped on my “potentially reacting to” tests, and they were at the bottom of my list to challenge. And I just never have.)

So I don’t know what it is about me that I always find articles on food scams, but apparently it’s a thing to lie about dishes with lamb and to sub it out for other less expensive meat. Because it’s bad enough we can’t have accurate labeling, let alone the food fraud. 

In science news, they just figured out what Immunoglobulin D antibodies do. Maybe at some point we’ll actually have good knowledge of the immune system. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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