2016-11-04 Fabulous Food Allergy Fridays are BACK!

Dramatic Seattle-at-Night
Dramatic Seattle-at-Night

So: We’re Back!

After a long, long drive, with far too many cats (2), we are now a fully functional (ha!) bi-coastal food allergy blog. MaryKate has settled (sort of) in Seattle, and Denise is still farming in New Hampshire. We’re not sure how this is going to shift things, other than that you might be getting a lot of stir fry recipes (Denise sent MaryKate a cast iron wok for a housewarming gift!), but we’re back to bring you recipes for busy adults with food allergies.

For when you’ve gotten distracted and burned your food onto your kitchenware, here are some suggestions for cleaning it. To be completely honest, I usually go with the “soak it for a few days, soak it some more, and eventually use steel wool FOREVER” method.

First up, thoughts on “Other People’s Food” from the Seattle Lit Crawl, which is a pretty amazing event that included a session of food writers and chefs talking about food and culture.

As MaryKate said, I’m still in New Hampshire. I’ve started to daydream about permaculture and planting more perennials so that there’s less work in the spring for the garden in the long run. But in the meantime, in dealing with my grape harvest this year, I do have an attempt at wine in process. In my research on the process before I just decided to wing it, I found this post on how to make wine from tea. You know I’m going to have to try it. I still have a ton of raisins that I dehydrated when I was making a safe for me Worcestershire sauce.

Also in food allergy science news, University of Saskatchewan scientists have developed a new immunotherapy technique that nearly eliminates the allergic response to peanut and egg white proteins in food-allergic mice, reducing the anaphylactic response by up to 90 per cent with only one treatment. Maybe we have some treatments on the horizon someday for humans. Hopefully I live long enough. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


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