2016-09-23 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Fall Tree
Fall Trees

I know I re-use this photo every fall, but I love it. In the 8 years I’ve lived here, about half of these trees have died, so they aren’t nearly as impressive these days.

I (MaryKate) am headed out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a wedding. While it will be a really quick trip, I’m impressed by the huge array of gluten-free restaurant options in town.

In preparation for moving (and the whole, you know, driving across the country part), I bought a plug-in car cooler and I’ve been reading posts like this one from oh she glows on packing food for travel. It’s interesting to try to use up everything in the kitchen *and* make food for the trip while also packing up the kitchen.

While MaryKate packs and gets ready to leave, I’ve been deluged with my grape harvest. I guess pruning and actually doing what you should do for the vines really helps the yield, or it was just a good year for grapes. I’ve been poking around for recipes, whether canning, fermenting, or whatever, and found this Purple Grape Rosemary Sorbet. Although maple is an issue for me, a brown sugar syrup would be a easy sub for me.  Because I got so many grapes, I ordered a steam juicer (no affiliation with Amazon, just linking there for ease of illustration), which you can see in action here, if you’re interested in kitchen toys.  I do plan to make some jelly and jams, and potentially give some wine a go. 

Have a great weekend, everyone. And share your travel tips below!

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