2016-09-02 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

The Leonard P. Zacum Bunker Hill Bridge, Boston, 2010
The Leonard P. Zacum Bunker Hill Bridge, Boston, 2010

I (MaryKate) do really like bridges. I have a lot of photographs of bridges in Boston from 2010, as I went on the best nerd tour ever — it was an infrastructure tour created by Boston by Foot, which does some really unique tours (and if you see one that sounds fun, go on it. Many of them are limited run.) We went under the Zacum and over the locks, and it was a fabulous nerd fest.

So. Back to food — do you know that content stealing is an issue that many bloggers, including food bloggers, face? So far as we know, no one is stealing recipes from Surviving the Food Allergy Apocalypse, and that might be because we’re a pretty small niche blog, or it might be because we’re a little weird. But I really enjoy reading more mainstream blogs for ideas and recipes, and occasionally I try to adapt recipes that are not allergy-friendly into allergy-friendly ones. In fact, Monday’s recipe is one of those. I believe this is different than content stealing for a few reasons — first, I always acknowledge the original source and link to them upfront. Secondly, I’ve usually adapted the hell out of something to make it safe for my own allergies. But I’ll point you to Sweet Savant, who has had a gorgeous photo and recipe reproduced in multiple places with little or no credit. How do you think that we in the food blogging world can work to prevent this kind of thievery? How do we adapt and alter recipes without dismissing the work of others?

And on a lighter note, if you’ve ever wondered how your discarded electronics feel about their status, this run of garage sale humor may amuse you. Brought to you by the same J.Andrews who took our Lemonade Rocket Pop and Grilled Peach Salsa photos, among others.

So I (Denise) just read an article called All in Your Head: Ataxia and Untreated Gluten Sensitivity in which a man suffered extreme neurological symptoms as the result of eating gluten. I’m interested because of the neurological effects corn seems to have on me, but not to this extent. Kind of scary. 

For those of you following the Mylan Epi-Pen debacle, I found this article which is helpful to explain that No, using the manual syringe/vial method is NOT the same as using an epinephrine autoinjector.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!



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