2016-08-26 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

A recent visitor to Denise's backyard
A recent visitor to Denise’s backyard

It’s been a dry summer in NH, and I’m (Denise) hoping for more rain soon, my veggies could use it. 

So, apparently they (scientists, companies, etc.) keep trying to make plastics out of my allergens – Scientists Turn Milk into Edible Cling Wrap.  It’s enough to give me hives, literally and figuratively, ha! (I found this story, too, on Bloomberg. I am all for sustainable, recyclable products. I’m even okay with wraps made out of common allergens IF and ONLY IF proper allergen labeling is part of the deal. Given how many things are dusted with corn starch with no declaration of such, I am concerned that this won’t be the case. –MK)

Besides the bumper crop of turnips, I have a crap ton of basil. Here’s a post about how to preserve it properly. Obviously I can’t use the basil butter, but the rest are definite options.

For anyone lucky enough to have a bumper crop of tomatoes, here’s some guidance on freezing them. I’ve frozen summer tomatoes just once, but I cannot tell you how amazing that tomato sauce was the next February.

Why have I never made gnocchi before? This recipe for gnocchi is gluten-free *and* may work with an egg replacer, so…

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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