2016-08-19 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Seneca Lake, NY
Seneca Lake, NY

I have somehow been traveling way more than normal this summer, and eating out is HARD.  I use the Find Me Gluten Free app to sort out places that may be safe, but I also have to ask a lot of questions. One listing I hit just the other day, listed as a “dedicated GF restaurant” had a big sign advertising their new whole wheat bread! They also royally screwed up our to-go order, so I have no idea if anything there would be safe. I am committed to posting my own reviews when I get back so I can help other people find safe food – I rely on those reviews when making plans.

Need one more grill recipe for the end of summer? Meatball kebabs!

So I (Denise) know you guys probably hate it when I do this, but there’s a recall for ground turmeric because it may be contaminated with lead, and as a result some curry powders have been recalled as well. I may finally end up giving up totally on ground spices, although dehydrating and grinding fresh turmeric would be annoying as well as messy.

In the spring I had extra room in the garden since I expanded it, and I ordered some additional seeds, which included turnips. Me being me, I planted the whole packet. I am going to be so overrun with turnip, it’s not even funny.  So I’ve started to search for turnip recipes, and this recipe for Turnips With Bacon And Pickled Mustard Seeds might work with some minor tweeks, although I’ll used diced turnip instead of baby turnip.  If you have ideas for turnip, send them my way. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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