2015-1-30 Fabulous Friday Finds

I’d (Denise) like to work on making more Asian inspired dishes for the blog (I miss my Chinese, Vietnamese, and

Green Tomatillo Rice

  I needed a really simple dinner the other night because I wasn’t all that hungry, but I had to

2015-1-23 Fabulous Friday Finds

I’m (Denise) always looking for something for breakfast food because I just can’t seem to get on board with the idea of eating

Cottage Pie

This recipe comes out of a birthday request. In my family, tradition was that on your birthday, you pick what we

2015-1-16 Fabulous Friday Finds

Although this isn’t overtly food allergy related, one of the side effects so to speak of food allergies is a

Microwave Individual-ish Chocolate Wacky Cake

You know how there are those brownie in a mug recipes out there? And how none of them work for

2015-1-9 Fabulous Friday Finds

Okay, I apparently missed these for Christmas, but I (Denise) have a birthday on the horizon, and I may need

WW: Philly reviews of Sweet Freedom bakery, Agno Grill, and Yantze Chinese

Courtesy of a holiday trip to the Philadelphia area, I’m so glad to bring you a few brief restaurant reviews.