2015 Christmas Food Allergy Finds

Pittsburg, NH
Pittsburg, NH

I doubt it’s a white Christmas in New Hampshire, but maybe it is where you live? Fine by both of us, I think. We are not opposed to snow, but who misses digging out cars?  (Actually, I’m opposed to snow -D)

Anyway, Merry Christmas if you celebrate. If you’re sneaking away from merriment to the internet, welcome to our links.

This festive punch would be perfect for almost any holiday celebration. I (Mary Kate) will be making the virgin variety, given that alcohol and I don’t really see one another anymore.

After going to watch candy canes being made at a local candy store, I have been obsessively looking at recipes online. I could make my own candy canes, at home, but I think I might just keep looking instead of making! Maybe Denise and I can attempt this next year, but it’s definitely fun to read about. (We totally need to do this -D)

This isn’t really food allergy related, but I guess the piece on NPR about Christmas in centuries past in England shows how food traditions change over time. And I was a Political Science/History double major, so yeah interesting for me. Also, you can use it as support for change occurring in what’s traditional, in case you need things to change a bit with friends and family at the holidays. 

And just since citrus season is coming up, an article in Allergic Living states that a negative allergy test for orange doesn’t rule out allergies to other citrus fruits. It seems like that’d be obvious, given I’m allergic to some sea foods and tree nuts but not others, but apparently not to some allergists. Also since allergy testing is generally pretty inaccurate, but whatever. Sigh.  If you suspect a citrus allergy, make your allergist test for all of them. 

Have a wonderful holiday season everyone!


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