2015-2-13 Fabulous Friday Finds

The old button factory, Waldoboro, Maine
The old button factory, Waldoboro, Maine

I’m still missing Mexican food, at least the fried, crunchy, bread-y parts of it. I can’t use corn tortilla part of this recipe (but see possible alternative below). But for those of you without a corn allergy, here’s a what looks like a great gluten-free, vegan Sweet Potato Lime Taquito recipe. 

I’m still working on finding a tortilla or wrap I can make and use, maybe this Quinoa Tortillas would work for the taquito recipe above. It uses quinoa and rice flour and I’d like to try it out soon, once all the unsettled things going on settle. 

Does the extreme cold make you crave meat and hearty foods? It does for me. I always forget how to figure out which way I’m supposed to slice meat, but here’s a primer for you.

Also good for cold weather? Risotto. I made risotto for the first time last winter, and it turned out great. Yet, I haven’t made it again, and I’m not sure why. This mushroom and basil risotto sounds great (without the cheese), and I think I should try it ASAP.

Have a great weekend everyone! And happy Friday the 13th!

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