2015-12-4 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Summer Palace Bridge, Beijing (China)
Summer Palace Bridge, Beijing (China)

Hey! It’s Friday! You made it! WE made it!

So here are some links to celebrate:

Lots of good recipes came out of the Thanksgiving weeks. I’m personally a fan of Thanksgiving recipes, as they’re more seasonal than really themed, and that works well for most of the rest of the year (until we get to citrus season — yay!). These stuffed delicata squash look like they could have infinite variations, and a squash I don’t have to peel is just awesome. And I have everything in the house to make this berry oatmeal crisp with frozen summer blueberries and fresh cranberries. Plus, I have leftover coconut whipped cream from Thanksgiving, so that may be on this weekend’s menu. I love recipes that don’t require me to go to the store.

I didn’t know you could make garbanzo bean tempeh. I might like to try to do this someday. I mean I’m fermenting enough other random stuff in the house.

Also, since I’ve been thinking about how great the apple pie would have been with whipped cream, here’s a recipe that’s likely pretty safe for me using aquafaba. 

Have a great week everyone!

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