2015-11-27 Fabulous Friday Finds

Blair Bridge, Campton, NH
Blair Bridge, Campton, NH

Here, have a pretty bridge for the day after Thanksgiving, if you’re in the US. If you’re not out shopping, maybe you’ll enjoy some internet finds with your turkey hangover.

First up, if you aren’t a huge fan of either the “classic” green bean casserole OR traditional Klingon food, you might like this recipe I totally overlooked when I was reading the Star Trek Cookbook: Green Beans and Walnuts (so, not for the nut-allergic), a recipe somehow attributed to Roxanna Dawson (B’Elanna Torres).

I was poking around on Pinterest a bit looking at recipes for leftovers, but given that half of my front page over there is now random food posts “picked for me” (i.e. paid advertising for someone else), I thought better of it and think I’ll give you the best crazy leftovers post ever: Denise’s Thanksgiving Turkey Soup. That was thankfully written before her fowl allergies came on. (Is anyone else having that issue with Pinterest? Is it fixable?) (Jeez, I’m missing the thought of turkey soup right now…-D)

I found this recipe for oatmeal which might work for me if I sub out the hazelnuts. The recipe for Baked Pear Chocolate Hazelnut Oatmeal (vegan and gluten-free) is a different way to do oatmeal and might be a nice change for a breakfast on a holiday weekend. 

And more from the “why do they have to put corn in everything” files, watch out for plastic.  There is now a brand of compostable bowls, plates, and plastic utensils, made of Ingeo, which is corn, a bio-based plastic derived from renewable corn. I note they also have bowls made of wheat straw. I guess it’s continuing to move to more glass containers for me.

That’s all for now, folks. Enjoy your weekend.

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