2015-10-30 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday


Barrett House, New Ipswitch, NH
Barrett House, New Ipswitch, NH

Now this is a house that passes the Trick-or-Treat test — you know, if you were a kid, knocking on doors in a mask, do you know where the front door is? Here, you totally do. The whole building points you there. There. That’s your seasonally-appropriate architectural history lesson for the day.

Speaking of Halloween, I know we’ve linked to Fork and Beans a lot, here, but Cara is obsessed with Halloween, and you should check it out. Yes, that’s the front page of the site. It is ALL Halloween just now. These are an older one, but a personal favorite — chocolate-covered macaroon ghosts.

And since Halloween is about SCARY, check out this discussion of mid-20th century food. Beware the Jell-O mold!

Well, since Mary Kate’s got Halloween covered, I’ve been looking for recipes for whole grain sorghum. I meant to order 6 pounds of sorghum flour and ended up with 6 pounds of whole grain sorghum. Since I don’t have a Vitamix to grind it up into flour (some day….), I’ve reordered the flour, but I’ve now got to find ways to use the sorghum I have. This Roasted Chipotle Sweet Potato and Sorghum Salad from Naturally Ella looks pretty tasty and there’d be limited changes I’d have to make.  I may also try to make popped sorghum, as I kinda miss popcorn. 

Have a great week everyone!

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