2015-10-16 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

RiverThis is River. He’s been on the blog before. Suffice it to say, he’s a grumpy beast and has somehow convinced me that rabbits are as funny as they are evil. So he’s hosting the blog today.

And today’s theme, at least for me (MK), is lentils. I’m starting to crave soups, and lentils are so lovely. My friend Corinne of sparecake sent me this lentil salad recipe earlier in the week. The idea of cutting the vegetables small enough to cook in the same time the lentils do, leaving you with both a vegetable and lentil salad as well as a veggie broth — that’s brilliant. I think I’d change the vegetables around, but the technique seems solid.

This recipe for an almond-fig cracker seems like a good  basis for other sweet/savory snack cracker ideas. It sounds like a fancy graham cracker, which I used to love for snacks.

I (Denise) need to Aquafaba Vegan Salad Dressing again, so I’ll need something to use up the chickpeas. I might try this Palak Chole recipe, since it’ll need few modifications for me. 

I’ve had a head cold the last week or two and I tried a bunch of different home remedies.  When I was poking around, I found this Directory of Culinary and Medicinal Herbs from Mother Earth News. It’s a pretty interesting reference site. 

Hope you all have a good week!


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