2015-1-9 Fabulous Friday Finds

A resident chipmunk at Wellesley College hosts the blog
A resident chipmunk at Wellesley College hosts the blog

Okay, I apparently missed these for Christmas, but I (Denise) have a birthday on the horizon, and I may need to get them for myself. Cuppow has something called the Mason Tap which is a pour spout for mason jars. It’d work great for all my homemade dressings, syrups, and liquid condiments. 

Another blogger I follow just posted a review of these King Soba Organic Black Rice noodles. The link she provided has a variety pack, which to all intent and purposes, looks safe for me.  Has anyone else tried them?  I’ve tried another brand’s mung bean and black bean noodles, and, let’s just say, I was not a fan. I’d like to have a safe-ish pasta I don’t have to make from scratch. 

If you’re in California and have a peanut allergy, Stanford is currently accepting patients for a new trial of the Viaskin Peanut allergy patch. I think this is premised on the same idea as allergy shots — building up the immune system’s response to an allergen by repeated exposure. This is in a patch form, though. I’m excited that new possible treatments for allergies are being studied; the Stanford study is only one of them.

I (Mary Kate) had recipes I was thinking of sharing, but then I decided I should actually make some of these pinned recipes and share my experiences with those. I made this chicken tikka masala for dinner on Wednesday, in the slow cooker. I love chicken, but if you are vegetarian or allergic to chicken, try it with chickpeas. I did change a few things — I used 3 oz of dehydrated onions instead of fresh, a full 2 T of garam masala as mine is kind of old, and I ended up using ketchup because I’m apparently out of tomato paste. It was fantastic. Once I make a pinned recipe, I move it to the “Good Recipes” board. Feel free to follow along.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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