2015-1-30 Fabulous Friday Finds

Brutalist Birdhouse, because birds deserve good design, too
Brutalist Birdhouse, because birds deserve good design, too

I’d (Denise) like to work on making more Asian inspired dishes for the blog (I miss my Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai restaurants), and I saw a couple of recipes I’d like to work on, but they all call for commercially prepared oyster sauce, which is generally crammed full of stuff I can’t have. So I did a little Google-fu and found that the Raising Allergy Kids blog has two versions of a homemade oyster sauce that can be made gluten-free and corn-free (corn-free-ish, depending on your sensitivities). The first isn’t safe for me, but I could use the second although I’d probably improvise a combo of the two, leaving out my particular allergen issues (clam, coconut, and corn) for this recipe. 

Since there’s lots of citrus out, Serious Easts has a Vegan Kumquat Creamsicle Smoothie. It’s got cashews and almond milk in it, so it’s not going to work for the nut-free, but it might be modifiable. I can have the cashews, but I’m allergic to almonds so I’d have to switch the almond milk out, but it sounds yummy. (MK – This might be a good start for that creamsicle fruit roll up we’ve been talking about-D) Yes!!-MK

It is CITRUS SEASON!!!! I (MK) never really cared about citrus much. But a few years back, I discovered blood oranges and the world opened up. Blood oranges, Meyer lemons, Cara Cara oranges… maybe I’ll even try a pumelo this year. I’m intrigued by the idea of roasting thin slices, rind and all, in this roasted chicken and citrus recipe. I’m also planning to make this citrus water pitcher this weekend. It’s just so pretty.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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