2015-1-16 Fabulous Friday Finds

Eastern State Penitentiary guard tower, Philly
Eastern State Penitentiary guard tower, Philly

Although this isn’t overtly food allergy related, one of the side effects so to speak of food allergies is a greater awareness of labels and wanting to know where your food comes from. This is an interesting article on what all the labels and USDA grades for meat mean. 

Also, since it’s a New Year, check to make sure your Epi-Pens are current (not expired), and if you need help with getting one since they are so expensive, FARE has provided its list of 2015 Patient Assistance Resources for Epinephrine Auto Injectors on its blog.

If you miss cornbread because of a corn allergy or corn sensitivity, maybe this amaranth-based muffin might be a good substitute?

In more from the annals of Mary Kate actually cooks from her Pinterest board, i made these Slow Cooker Chicken Burrito Bowls. I would make a version of this again, but I wouldn’t make it quite as written. I would add more seasonings, by a lot, use chicken thighs, and consider doubling the beans and corn. And I would remember that while some people may be able to cook rice in their slow cookers, mine is almost 15 years older than I am and it does NOT do rice (had to dump it all into a pot and finish it on the stove). Still, the idea is excellent, and my slow cooker has liked being out more often.

Have a great weekend everyone!



    1. Every time I’ve bought chicken thighs, I’ve done it because it was cheaper, but then had to cut off and throw out so much gross stuff that I end up thinking I didn’t wind up saving…

      1. We’ve got to work on our comment approval protocol — sorry you got stuck in it!

        I will admit that I hate handling raw chicken, so I don’t tend to do a ton of trimming. What I’ve done instead is figure out which chicken brands give me less grossness to deal with — one of the organic brands that Market Basket carries is my personal favorite. When I’m doing crock pot, I admit that I don’t worry much about the fat. It gets nicely cooked in to the dish for flavor. I think that thighs stand up better to long cooking than chicken breasts, but I also really like them.

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