2015-09-18 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Longlook Farm in Sanborton, NH
Longlook Farm in Sanborton, NH

Hey, Friday people. We made it! Here in New Hampshire, the first part of the week was fall-like. It’s now back to summer-ish. We have seasonal confusion.

In honor of that, here’s my (Mary Kate’s) first link, a response to that: vegan chai ice cream. Made with a cashew base, it’s not for the nut allergic, but with chai spices frozen into ice cream, it might be the perfect transitional dessert for this summer/autumn.

Next up, a not gluten-free pizza recipe that includes a cashew-based mozzarella (called “moxarella”) that browns. Apparently I’m really on a cashew kick this week. Sorry to anyone who’s nut allergic — although I’m thinking that you probably understand if you’re not allergic to something I am. You make the most of all the foods that don’t try to harm you, right?

Although this isn’t about food allergies, regulation of the food industry becomes a concern when you have a food allergy. This article about sentencing an owner of a corporation that knowingly sold tainted peanut butter that killed nine people is interesting. This Time article also talks about other cases, such as egg, cantaloupe, and cucumbers. 

As I (Denise) still have an ungodly amount of apples, both in the house and still on trees. I may try to make Hard Cider.  I really want a cider press, but I’m settling for a cheapo juicer for now. 

Have a great week everyone!



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