2015-05-29 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

Timmy hosting Friday
Timmy hosting Friday

For those of you with iron deficiencies and issues with the ingredients of supplements, check out The Lucky Iron Fish as a way to get safe iron.

In honor of Mary Kate’s obsession with potatoes, I give you Mashed Potato Waffles. There’s been a rash of cooking non waffley things in a waffle maker lately on the net, I may have to do some experimenting. 

Also much in the food blogging world lately: salads. And given that, with two window AC units and all the extra rooms closed I can only get my apartment down to 82, salad sounds just great — I think that this Thai Chicken Salad could be made safely for me, although I’m not sure cashew sauce with faux tamari will be as awesome as peanut sauce.

Given the weather, I’m ready for ice cream. Ice cream cones, homemade, gluten-free, vegan, and with sprinkles? YES, please. Who has a pizelle maker they want to let me borrow?

Have a great weekend everyone!


    1. Hey there! Hope you give those Potato Waffles a try. Would love to hear how it goes! By the way, I too have a soft toy black sheep (I call him Bobby) which I’ve had for 25 years now. Truth! Great to see the Lamb-pocalypse is well and truly alive!

      My Wife Makes

      1. I’m sure Mary Kate will be on the Mashed Potato waffles ASAP! I’ll have to do some major substituting because of my corn allergy, but I’ll figure something out eventually 🙂 We posted Timmy (from the BBC series Shaun the Sheep) in anticipation of the Shaun the Sheep movie being released in the US. Because what’s better than carousing claymation sheep?

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