2015-05-22 Fabulous Food Allergy Friday

This giantest of rabbits wishes you a happy and tasty weekend.
This giantest of rabbits wishes you a happy and tasty weekend.

The Kitchn did a round up of posts on cast iron — how it’s made, how to use it and care for it, and some recipes. I (Mary Kate) use my cast iron skillets daily — my breakfast hash browns cook up in the small one daily, and most other things get cooked in the large one.

Dark. Chocolate. Coconut. Bites. I’ll just leave that there for you. If you can’t eat coconut, I’m very sorry. I would have already made these except that I’ve eaten all the chocolate in my house (except the ice cream. I’ve got a bit of that.)

So, in the “this is why I (Denise) trust no companies ever” category this week, the New York Times had an article on how many allegedly gluten-free supplements used by celiac patients actually have gluten in them (55%) and that some (13%) exceeded the 20 parts per million threshold set by the FDA to qualify as gluten-free. Be careful out there. 

And in further product news, here’s a list of over the counter stuff that contains peanut or tree nut ingredients.  Again, read labels and be careful.

Have a great weekend everyone!



    1. Great round up! We had to do so much research to get all of my prescription medicines gluten free. And, it ended up being way more expensive because we couldn’t rely on generics a lot. I hope a labeling law comes into place some day. In other news. Dark. Chocolate. Coconut. Bites. look amazing. (Of course, my mom has a coconut allergy, but not me!) Have a wonderful weekend as well! 🙂

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