2015-05-01 MAYDAY Fabulous Food Allergy Friday!

Denise's garden - getting ready for growing lots of stuff
Denise’s garden – getting ready for growing lots of stuff

Welcome to May, people. If you weren’t ready for it and wonder where April went — welcome to the club! Man, time flies. Since Maypoles aren’t that edible, and we aren’t coordinated enough for dancing, let’s share links instead, okay?

How do you find safer food while traveling? Do you bring all of your own? What sites do you use? I’ve used Find Me Gluten Free before, mainly because I have the app on my phone. And yes, my allergies go well beyond gluten, but a place that has some familiarity with gluten-free foods might also be able to accommodate other allergens, so it’s a good starting place. Allergy Eats is another option, which caters much more to those of us with multiple allergies, but you can only search by allergen, not cuisine type or anything.If you know of any place fabulous to try in Chicago or Milwaukee, leave it in the comments!

I’ve e-mailed a few small places with questions and heard back from none of them. If you’re a small business that caters to people with food issues, you really need to figure out how to respond to e-mail inquiries — or do what one bakery did and let people know that you don’t have the staff and give a suggestion of what time of day to call. Or even better, just put up full ingredients lists (especially if you allow online ordering!). Just a suggestion.

So since many of us in the food allergy community have to learn cooking and kitchen skills if we didn’t have them pre-food allergy apocalypse, here’s a nice guide from the Kitchn on food safety and sanitation at home.

Did you know you’re supposed to clean your dishwasher? I was unaware, but the procedure recommended seems pretty allergy friendly to me (if I use safe vinegar). 

Have a good weekend everyone!

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    1. Some restaurant in Philly was listed GF on yelp, but I couldn’t find anything on their menu on their website, so I sent them a FB message. 2 months after my trip, they got back to me and asked for my email so they could send me a pdf of their GF menu. …not enough, guys, not enough.

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