2015-04-10 Fabulous Friday Finds

Chinese roses host the Friday Food Allergy Finds
Chinese roses host the Friday Food Allergy Finds

If you eat oats, try this apple pie overnight oats recipe. We’ve posted overnight oatmeal before, but there are infinite flavor variations, and this one sounds great. I mostly use chia for baking, but I’d give it a go in cereal, too.

I (Mary Kate) haven’t eaten at a Red Robin in years, but I did eat there once after my food allergies reared their heads and found them incredibly accommodating — including having a knowledgeable staff. But this write up on their new, interactive menu and their safe food handling practices makes me want to drive down and check them out (I think the closest one is in Nashua).

In food allergy news, apparently an 8 year old boy developed severe food allergies after a blood transfusionAlthough it was a rare occurrence because the child was not producing his own platelets, and the problem subsided after a few months, it does give one pause.  In addition, I found an article in which the current scientific theories behind why allergic reactions occur are discussed. Maybe if they can figure out why they happen, they can be treated. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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