UPDATED AGAIN!! – DIY Shampoo if Allergic to Coconut on Whatever Wednesday

Since publishing my DIY Shampoo if Allergic to Coconut and the UPDATED-DIY Shampoo if Allergic to Coconut posts, I had

Vegetable Samosas and Cilantro Dipping Sauce

  Indian food, I so miss Indian food. It’s so yummy, and there aren’t a lot of Indian places that

2014-04-25 Fabulous Friday Finds

After a crock pot INCIDENT this week (it ruined four meals by, you know, not working) I (Mary Kate) am

Magic Spring Cakes

It is no real secret that I’m a huge fan of marshmallow Peeps chicks. I do not know what it

2014-04-18 Fabulous Friday Finds

For those you who might forget to use gloves when cutting up hot peppers like me (Denise) every now and

WW: Living with Food Allergies — Trust and "The Man."

Full disclosure: Denise and I both work for government. So, yes, sometimes, we’re “the man.” And, yes, we understand the

Making Bacon, Squared (i.e. two versions)

Bacon. It’s bacon, how do you live without bacon? Unfortunately, commercial bacon has dextrose, sodium erythorbate, ascorbates, and other corn

2014-04-11 Fabulous Friday Finds

  It’s Friday and it’s finally looking like spring a bit.  My friend Mary, the kale whisperer and gardener extraordinaire,